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Printing Methods

Printing is a compact service offered throughout the people of the world. Printing services can be provided to the customers in different types, so that the clients who want the product can carryon. It is a process of reproducing the text, images and graphics with the help of ink. Printing can be made effective using different kinds of progression available in the market.

Digital printing

A special kind of printing which is made possible through digital printers innovated. Digital printings produce effective impression of the text, images and enhances high quality look in clear cut manner. Digital printings comes up with excellency of rapid prototyping which is easy accessible for wide range of designers.Ink absorbing is less in digital printers and nowadays with excellent features, printers are introduced. Read more >>

Offset printing

The other popular type of printing in the market is offset printing. It is a special type of printing where inked image will be transferred from printing plate to the roller, so that the roller applies the ink into paper for further execution of printing process. High quality image can be obtained with sharp and clearness. Here, printing process is carried out very quickly and the images are printed glossier. Read more >>

Letterpress printing

A printing process used to produce the impression of images by applying the ink, so that it gets through on the surface. In the letterpress printing, the text is printed with the help of movable type where the raised image is inked and then pressed against smooth surface that enables the images get reversed. Letterpress printing helps to get the images in reversed method. Read more >>





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