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Offset Printing

The other popular type of printing in the market is offset printing. It is a special type of printing where inked image will be transferred from printing plate to the roller, so that the roller applies the ink into paper for further execution of printing process. High quality image can be obtained with sharp and clearness. Here, printing process is carried out very quickly and the images are printed glossier.

Generally, in most of the printing process offset printers is widely used. It uses a lithographic process which will be in combination of oil and water, where printing area will be inked and nonprinting area will free from ink. Offset printing employs certain kind of technique to print the images, text.

The life of offset printing plate will be for a longer period and the people can make use of it effectively as per their requirement. Sharp, clean images are deployed in offset with attractive full color printing. All types of printing can be reproduced in offset in full color to initiate best printing.

It applies layers of ink on the page and at the same time it transfers the ink to rubber covered cylinder. With the help of lithographic plate, the image is transferred from the plate to rubber blanket and then from rubber blanket to paper. The prices charged for offset printing will be competitive and it differs accordingly as per the customer's request.