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Color Printing Transparency

Color PrintingPrinting on transparent material is just like printing done on paper and other materials. A good number inkjet printer that makes use of the color cartridges for printing will as well do printing in color on papers that are transparent.

However, one has to be in no doubt to purchase the overhead transparency packages that is used for the printer that is been used. These types always have a unique and intended coating on the side that is to be printed. This special coat is applied so as to allow the ink to stick to the transparent material. The usual overhead transparency sheets that are been used in the copiers will not workout as fine as need and expected.

The next important thing that is to be kept in mind while using a transparency for printing purposes is that there are two special varieties of transparency mediums obtainable in the market and using the wrong material may harm the printer itself.

It is important that only transparency films that are intended for use in laser printers should be used for this purpose. Color Inkjet and Copier films are not intended to bear up the high heat that is meet within a laser printer.



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