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March 17, 2010

DTG – Burst Through Technology for Digital Garment Printing

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SWF East, Inc. a dispenser of the DTG digital printers proclaim a new technology burst through in the way dark color garments are digitally printed.

Impressions Technology, manufacturers of the DTG digital printers have now raised the bar in the textile through inkjet market by now offering an exclusive and valuable process that permits both white base and CMYK color inks to print in just one pass on dark colored garments.

Usually all garment direct printers requisite a two pass procedure – first pass lays down a transparent or opaque white base and then followed by a color layer to complete the print run. The DTG Digital solution abolish the necessitate for the second pass as a proprietary copyright awaiting mechanical tool that allows both white and CMYK color inks to be printed concurrently.

Director of DTG Stephen Richardson citation “Garments printers utilizing DTG style apparatus now have a quicker and in most cases up to 70% better production alternative. Garment printers are able to now offer faster turnarounds with superior speeds and gain a great deal greater control over the color gamut requisite to generate truly unique and extraordinary color prints to a whole host of substrates. This burst through in technology will have momentous impact in the markets.”

Up to 70% faster prints with outstanding colors and all supported with easy to use RIP software. The One Pass print alternative is obtainable on the new DTG Kiosk 3 models.

March 15, 2010

Plotter Printing

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Plotters are nothing but the computer connected printing devices used for printing vector graphics on clothes or any given material. Some time ago plotters were extensively used in functions such as computer supported design, despite the fact that they have usually been substituted with wide-format conventional printer machines, These days people, it is very normal to refer to these kind of wide-format printers as plotters, despite the fact that they are not technically.

Plotter printing is carried out by cutting out any desirable picture out of a sheet of ink. Then the unwanted parts of the sheets are removed off and then the ink is heat sealed cloth or material. Images that area desired are drawn on the computer in the form of a vector image. These days we are able to find quite decent choices of Plotter ink sheets and hence one need not worry about what they want to be printed.

March 8, 2010

Iraqi Printers Reap Payback of Election-Related Printing

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The global news agency has syndicated a well-timed article concerning printers in Iraq. There are about 500 of them, and they are enjoying, according to the story, a boom in business associated by means of their country’s imminent parliamentary elections on Sunday (March 7).

Campaign-related jobs are estimated to net them $10 million, through about $6 million of that going to the 150 printing shops within Baghdad. One proprietor in the capital city is quoted as saying that electoral printing has brought him as a good deal money in two weeks as he usually would earn in six months.

Even though the currency is superior, the stress that stems from taking on these jobs is strong. Convoluted election system has enforced a lot of political hopefuls to delay placing their instructions in anticipation of the last minute, obliging the printers to sideline other jobs. Plus, as the story elucidates, the shops frequently find themselves up next to cultural and spiritual constraints that would be inconceivable to printers outside their area of the world.

The state of affairs is improved than during Iraq’s last parliamentary elections in 2005, when, according to the story, responsibility jobs for assured candidates could intimidate a printer’s safety.

February 24, 2010

Fujifilm Launches 3D Print System Subsequent to 3D Camera

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Fujifilm launches 3D Print System

Fujifilm has announced the growth of the new-fangled “3D Print System” which achieves high-class and normal 3D print captured with a 3D digital camera. This new scheme, the printer and a PC, is perfect for on-location 3D photography at tourist spots, theme parks, proceedings, and other locations that offer photo printing services on site since it is simple to set up and requires small foot print, announced Shigetaka Komori, President and CEO of Fujifilm. Gratitude to this new expansion in the field of 3D imaging, the pleasure of 3D images will be more accessible to a wider audience than ever before. This new 3D Print System is listed to be obtainable from 2nd Quarter of 2010.

Featuring Fujifilm’s “Image Intelligencee” technology, the scheme employs a printing technique that uses thermal sublimation to transfer images directly onto lenticular sheets to generate a 3D effect. Prints will be obtainable in four different types from 4×6 inches (10.2 x 15.2cm) to 6 x 9 inches (15.2 x 22.9cm). In addition, varieties of 3D prints are accessible including 3D composite prints by means of 3D templates.

This has been called the first year of 3D, with predictions for fast mass-appeal of 3D image satisfaction, from sales of 3D televisions to the popularization of 3D images and contents.

Fujifilm pioneered 3D in the photographic industry in 2009 with the victorious launch of the “FinePix REAL 3D W1″ 3D digital camera and the “FinePix REAL 3D V1″ 3D Digital Viewer allowing users, for the first time, to capture and outlook 3D images devoid of wearing 3D glasses. Fujifilm has also been providing a 3D printing overhaul for images taken on its camera.

These exhilarating launches in 3D have located Fujifilm as an industry leader in 3D photography. Now, with the new “3D Print System“, Fujifilm will carry on new product expansion and endorsement initiatives in the marketplace, with a view in the direction of even further growth of the 3D imaging field.

February 15, 2010

HP’s modern printer – “HP Photosmart Premium C309g”

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HP Photosmart Premium C309g

Digital photo printers come up to in diverse shapes and sizes however they all do one thing – change the brilliantly-colored digital pictures into high-class quality photo prints. HP’s modern printer “The HP Photosmart Premium C309g” packs in various features which still deliver as a well-rounded all-in-one inkjet printer.

The HP Photosmart connects over USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It acquires about a minute to begin up and works well with Windows 7 as well as Mac OS. The multifunction printer can interpret data from memory card and its USB port can interpret as of flash drives, PictBridge-compatible cameras and even from the mobile phones. Since the printer is able to be connected to the web, you can outlook and alter your photos directly from Snapfish, online photo storage and printing service.

You can produce photos in various sizes, counting wallet, postcard and panoramas. The C309g do have its faults, as it obviously doesn’t have the most imposing print quality in the world. Scans can be initiated from the printer’s control panel toward memory cards, flash drives and computers other than all through our review; we were unable to initiate a scan to a computer linked via Wi-Fi. The C309g have an optical scan resolution of 4800dpi. Loading photo album thumbnails for the first time can moreover slow down the printer. It can print up to 15 mono-colored pages and 10 colour prints a minute.

Photo print excellence is good, with sharp details, natural colors and smooth gradations from shade to shade. Colors on the natural paper are usually bright and clean, counting from colour copies, where there’s only a minor loss of colour deepness. However at a price tag of Rs13, 350, the C309g seems similar to a high-quality all-round printer that’s simple to set up and provides everything you require from an all-in-one home printer.

February 8, 2010

PagePath Technologies Offers IdeaExchange for Printers

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In an attempt to continuously develop communications with printers and foster tough business development, PagePath Technologies has launched an innovative “social network” meant for printers called the IdeaExchange.

The Web-based version of the IdeaExchange to a great extent improves the skill for MyOrderDesk users as well as other print and marketing service providers to distribute ideas, suggestions or troubles that occur in the day-to-day operations of a printing company, according to PagePath.

Here are a few of the benefits the new IdeaExchange offers:

  • Organized forums;
  • Searchable content;
  • Print-related video content;
  • Ability to post and read blog articles;
  • Constant updates from PagePath Technologies;
  • Customizable profiles to better know your peers;
  • Subscribe to e-mail or RSS updates;
  • Post and rate ideas for print product improvement;
  • Post and share special events at your company;
  • Designed as a social network specific to printers.

January 31, 2010

Intro of HP’s Photosmart Premium with Touchsmart Web printer

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HP’s Photosmart Premium with Touchsmart Web

A touch screen Wi-Fi device that prints web based content through apps. Hewlett Packard was commercializing this product for people who want to print without turning on their computer.

The HP photosmart premium with Touthsmart web was originally announced in the month June, but the product widely available for retail in September. The device (fax, scan, copy and print) cost $ 399.99.

For 19.4 pounds, the printers are not portable. But these bulky products can be carried along with a bag. The printer best serves the need for a family or home office with Wi-Fi connection on several laptops. The cables can be carried separately in the bag, despite I broken the end of the power cord by carrying them with the printer.

Connecting internet via apps is clearly modeled on apple’s successful app store. The quality of prints were amazing, particularly photos are exclusive and bright. Photos can also be printed from variety of sources including memory cards, iPhone app or from the printer’s snapfish app.

H-P says that they will be adding more applications in future. Some of the apps are lacking, for instance Google maps application prints map but not directions. HP declares that these apps will be changed within half of the year.

An update regarding software that displays and allows control of items on the touch screen in February which solves the lag issues will be made, HP.

The idea of printing directly from the web is great, so make a wide selection of sources for printing via apps.

December 18, 2009

Make Sense for Your Small Business in Online Printing Services

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Small businesses are not frequently well known by members of a community, most of them need to create a polite amount of print or marketing material to permit people know about their businesses and associated services. Some of them try to print their marketing material internally and ending with poor quality printing, while others pay out the nose to make utilize of print shops. Neither of these options is ideal, providentially there is a better option – online printing.

Small Business Printing

Online printing will not replace your day to day individual print jobs of just some copies, but it is a great choice when working on marketing campaigns and any other print jobs that need a large number of copies of an item. It means that you do not have to have an industrial printer in your workplace, and you don’t have to pay too much for a local print shop that does not have very much rivalry. Making use of an online printing service is a good-looking slick process. You will find a provider that you like, send them the documents you like printed, identify how many copies you’d like, and they’ll ship it to you in a day or two. What is great on online printing is that its really easy to compare different providers to see who can give you the best contract on your major printing jobs. By traditional print service shops, you have to stop in or make phone calls and try to get pricing out of them, with online printing stores, it’s all right present for you to see before you ever buy any online printing services.

December 3, 2009

The Secret Weapon of Business Printing: The Online Printing Company

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Printing Process

One of the best weapons for business printing is online printing. Online printing is a popular service that can be offered by a printing company through the Internet. In this process, the company can offer their usual printing services online without people visiting the printing house.

1. Quick and convenient mass production of marketing materials – First, online printing can help businesses by providing a quick and convenient means of mass production for marketing materials. Moreover these prints can be delivered to any location you choose.

2. Quality development of important office prints – Secondly, you can also easily print important office materials online. If you need things like company notepads, envelopes, letterheads and other office prints, you can easily have them produced via the Internet. You can even actually choose the precise materials, ink styles and color combination’s that you can use for them. So you do not even have to go outside to have these much customized prints produced.

3. Efficient management of development schedules – Lastly, online printing represents a great opportunity for businesses to manage their project development schedules.

So that is why online printing is the secret weapon nowadays in terms of business printing.

November 18, 2009

Make Printing Business Flourish with Full Color Business Card Printing

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Full Color Printing

A well designed, full color business card is on of the most interesting, cost effective promotional tools to represent an individual or corporate brand.In these days, businesses cards are printing in varying card stock weights, shapes, sizes and glosses, showing that they play a significant role in connecting a business person with their clients.

Designing a persuasive business card is essential for daily interactions with colleagues and clients in business situations. Full color business cards printing can help to enhance the professional’s image while boosting a first impression of that company to their prospective clients.

Guidelines for business card printing:

1. Include all important contact details as well as a logo of a company. A logo is an easy means to portray the brand identity of an organization and helps to create a lasting impression in the mind of a viewer.

2. Add a message or slogan. This catchphrase will convey a message to the viewer and also help to solidify the brand.

3. Use high quality printing ink and card stock such as shiny paper or a thick paper material. This element also adds to the overall effect and visual appeal of the card.

4. Use trouble-free font types and font sizes in order to make the card easily readable and comprehensible for a viewer.

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