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How to survive online printing jobs

In today’s world of print technology, rapid advancements are taking place and the traditional commercial printers are desperately finding ways to cope with the competition from digital and online print service providers.  Although cost is still a very crucial factor, many buyers are looking for more effective, more attractive and faster ways to communicate with their prospective clients and existing customers. To keep up with these changing dynamics, commercial printers need to strive for greater efficiency and, more importantly, they must demonstrate their industry knowledge and marketing skills. Commercial printers must possess expertise not only in print services, but also in supply chain management, multi-channel communication, and specific vertical markets.Online Printing

These changes present growth opportunities as well as challenges to survive the advent of online printing. Commercial offset printers must now think of value added services, such as mailing, fulfillment, Web-to-print, content management, and multi-channel marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, deployment of these services requires a major transformation of the business model, organizational structure, and skill-sets of all offset printers.

Appreciating the changing market dynamics, many are wondering what the future holds for the offset and commercial printing markets in the United States. We will have to examine where the print industry is today and where future opportunities reside. The research should consider what changes in strategies, business models, and the staffing of these establishments will take place as digital print services expand their offerings to include a range of higher value added services. The offset press must recognize the speed and nature of the migration to digital printing and integrated workflows. They must devise suitable plans for the future considering the services they offer today and the services they plan for the next few years. They must also analyze what are their present major print applications and how to accommodate advances in technology and changing market needs.

To effectively combat threats from online printers, commercial printers must study what existing equipments and workflow infrastructure do they presently have and what should be the future equipment acquisition plans. There is a need to conduct an in-depth study of the print volume mix between offset and digital, and how is that mix changing. They must also examine who are the preferred vendors for prepress, printing, workflow, finishing, paper, and supplies.

Online PrintingColor printing is the rage today and businesses of all sorts need color printing services whether for marketing or operations. Business owners should educate themselves on the basics of color printing. Color printing might be needed for a postcard marketing campaign. Postcards often present a great avenue with which to reach a niche audience. Mailing costs are reduced and the limited surface area can be used effectively by a shrewd marketer. Catalogs and color brochures are also tools within the direct marketing arena. These are more appropriate for companies who offer a wide array of products or services. Color printing for booklets is a good alternative for those with a smaller product line.

Offset printing certainly offers a more economical alternative to digital color printing if the print run is of greater volume. Most experts put the threshold at around 2500 impressions. If you are going to print more than the indicated figure, then offset printing is the only answer. Digital color printing is best if you have many variables. This means that if you need unique content for each piece, then offset printing can prove untenable. But if the quantum of variable information is low, then a combination of digital inkjet printing can be used with traditional offset printing.


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