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Graphic design tips for digital printing

Graphic DesignGraphic designing calls for a lot of patience, perseverance, imagination and creativity. May be some useful graphic design tips may help you improve on your designing skills. Spend time experimenting with color, textures and your favorite software - be it Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel. Every tutorial in graphic designing can be a valuable source of inspiration; but avoid picking the too hard or the too easy ones. Most expeienced graphic designers recommend watching science fiction and fantasy movies as a potential sources for new ideas. Others prescribe visiting the zoo as the animals and pets always bring positive feelings to us and watching them you can easily develop some brilliant ideas. Some persons new to graphic designing visit exhibitions to collect calendars, booklets and other promotion materials. But this might mean plagirising ideas and you run the risk of losing your capacity for original thinking.

It is a good practice to continually browse Google images, Flickr, stock photos sites.
Very often you will find eye-catchy design works either accidentally or by searching using different keywords. Sometimes it is difficult to get inspired when thinking alone and therefore it may be worthwhile asking your colleagues, friends or family members to brainstorm. It is true that a lot of designers find inspiration in reading and writing blogs and planning posts for graphic design. Participating in contests provide you the necessary motivation and excitement apart from the opportunity to look at all possible different to a given topic. If you are able to conceive a perfect design first in your head, then it will be easier to implement it in real design work.

Print brochureMany people are under the impression that it is easy to convert a print brochure to a website and vice versa little realizing the difficulties involved. You have to bear in mind that the print resolution is generally higher than web resolution which is 72dpi. Therefore images are bound to appear much larger in 72dpi screen resolution. You have to make sure that you adhere to general browser restrictions. Many nice design fonts will not work on your website except if you keep them as images. The advantage is you willl have presentable fonts, but the disadvantage is the search engines cannot read the text and it is also much harder to update images than simple HTML text. When using general HTML fonts, you are restricted to only a limited number of fonts. The reason is you will be using fonts that most users have on their computers. A simple brochure will invariably be not designed to the same scale requirements to suit a website. A lot of tampering might render the artwork unfit for use on the web. Make sure you have a designer who is competent of studying the concept and applying it on a website design. You will do well to remember that it is quite complicated to take a print concept to web. Keep in mind that converting a print design to a website might require some advanced skills!

BookletsThere are quite a few other sustainable design tips when it comes to graphic design. A self-mailer brochure with a detachable insert means one piece of paper instead of two or more. The present trend is to avoid superfluous white space. Design that is wholly elegant means making good use of the space you have. Pages of blank sheets at the beginning and end of annual reports, booklets, are a waste of stationary unless they have a specific purpose. Always try to stay on top of current trends in printing and production as they are continually changing.


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